Height: 5'1", Weight: 98   (408)807-5648
Hair: Brown, Eyes: brown SAG / AFTRA
Over 18, age range: 16-23   Agent: Guy Kochlani-ATB
Love Sick (short) Lead Ind/Dir: Kristopher Wile
Beast (short) Supporting Ind/Dir: John Grod
Eating Out 5: The Open Weekend Lead Logo/Dir: Q. Allan Brocka
I Was a Teenage Suicide Supporting Ind/Dir: Creep Creepersin
Eating Out 4: Drama Camp Lead Logo/Dir: Q. Allan Brocka
Hypnotize Me Supporting Ind/Southern Rivers Prod.
April (short) Supporting Ind/Dir: Mike Piccirillo
The Comedian at the Friday Co-star Ind/Dir: Brett Ryan Bonowicz
Ender's Game Lead USC/Dir: Dennis Castello
The Flip Side (Pilot) Guest Star Anya Adams/ Sonia Bhalla
Victorious Co-Star Nickelodeon
Hot Triple Promo- Duchovny Lead Israel/Dir: Aviv Ma'aravi
Markie's Mind (Spec Pilot) Supporting Ind/ Dir: Daniel Holechek
Torque Guest Star 4 Minute Mile Productions
One Day Series Regular Ind/ Crack Horse Prod
Dish It Out Lead Ind/ LaunchOne Prod
Hollyweird Studios Recurring Ind/ Greenshadow Prod
Seasons Greetings Ensemble Celebration Theater
Three Sisters Anfisa UCLA Theater Department
In the Company of Jane Doe Ruby The Blank Theater
Crimes of the Heart Meg Lewis Stage
The Love of Three Oranges Smeraldina Lewis Stage
Fiddler on the Roof Bielke Homestead High School
Education & Training    
B.A. UCLA Theatre Film and Television  

Acting and Scene Study

April Shawhan, Judy Moreland, Joe Palese
On Camera Deliah Salvi, Catherine Telford
Audition Techniques Michael Donovan, Chris Game, Bob Lambert
Improv UCB, Drew DiFonzo Marks
Shakespeare and Classical Joe Olivieri, Michael Hackett
Voice and Speech/Dialects Adele Cabot, Janet Feindel, Joan Milon, Paul Wagar
Stage Combat & Movement Ed Monaghan, Tom Orth
Special Skills & Interests:  

Fluent Hebrew, some French, Yoga, stage combat, wire stunt work, Kart racing, Tai Chi, Motion Capture experience, local hire in San Francisco area, valid driver’s license and passport.
Accents: Israeli, French, British, Eastern European